Interesting Science Picture: Part II

Figure 1. Melanosomes in the feathers of the male zebra finch. (a) Optical photographs of lateral (top) and ventral views of the specimen sampled. (b, c) Optical photographs of breast feather (b) and flank feather (c). (d-i) SEM images of melanosomes inside barbs and barbules. (d-e) Eumelanosomes (at arrows in (e) in the barb of a breast feather. (f-g) Phaeomelanosomes (at arrows in g) in the barb of a flank feather. (h-i) Barbule of a flank feather in which the superficial layer has peeled away to expose aligned phaeomelanosomes (at arrows in i). Abbreviations: b, barb; bl, barbules; s, superficial layer. Scale bars: a, 10 mm; b, 5 mm; c, 5 mm; d, 100 µm; e, 5 µm; f, 30 µm; g, 3 µm; h, 10 µm; I, 2 µm.

From the supplementary material to this article:

Fucheng Zhang, Stuart L. Kearns, Patrick J. Orr, Michael J. Benton, Zhonghe Zhou, Diane Johnson, Xing Xu, and Xiaolin Wang.
Fossilized melanosomes and the colour of Cretaceous dinosaurs and birds.

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