Steve Martin: King Tut

Yes, I know but I can’t resist…

I’m reading the Jama paper so just keep watching the above until further notice…or until you go insane….whichever.

Here is another from the comments:

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  1. Hah! I remember when I was a kid getting out of bed because I couldn’t sleep, and seeing Steve Martin introduce this song live on Saturday Night Live.

    Years later, digging through digitized old 78s on the Internet, I found Old King Tut (.mp3, via the Internet Archive), by Billy Jones & Ernest Hare, recorded in 1924, which would put it right after news of Howard Carter’s discovery penetrated popular consciousness in the West. No collection of Tut-related popular music is complete without Jones&Hare’s song.

    Now, this is pure conjecture, but two points to consider: Steve Martin is known to be a big fan of vintage pop music, Martin’s “King Tut” was released in conjunction with the US tour of King Tut’s Treasures (which I got to see at the Field Museum–yay!). I remember that in his SNL intro, Martin made the point that King Tut’s treasures needed a musical tribute that would match his majesty (or something like that). I believe that Martin likely had this 1924 tune in mind.

  2. Now you’ve got 2 YouTube videos up, could you call this post King Tut Tut?

  3. Yes!

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