Know Your Primate Returns: Pseudopotto martini

After a lengthy hiatus I am resurrecting Know Your Primate. Hopefully it will appear every Saturday like clockwork (yes I know, today is Sunday).

Order: Primates
Suborder: Strepsirrhini
Family: Lorisidae
Genus: Pseudopotto
Species: Pseudopotto martini

Pseudopotto martini is know based on skeletal material only. Two specimens are known. The first is a subadult male represented by a skull and a mandible. The second specimen is an adult female represented by a skull and skeleton. The only picture I could find (Schwartz’s article has some pictures but I am unable to extract them from the PDF file) is too the left. The male specimen came from Cameroon or eastern Nigeria and the female specimen came from Cameroon. The specimens are described as being more primitive relative to the other Lorisids and are most similar to Perodicticus and Nycticebus.

Further Reading

Schwartz (1996) Pseudopotto martini : a new genus and species of extant lorisiform primate Anthropological papers of the AMNH ; no. 78

Update 1: here are some pictures of the skull and mandible.

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