So Does This Mean Australopithecines Walked On Their Hands?

Those paleontologists are always one methodological and theoretical step ahead of paleoanthropologists. Consider this new discovery about dinosaurs:

“Basically they scooted around by grabbing nearby vines with their mouths and pulling their bodies. Almost like a snake. What we used to think were legs were actually big flippers that flapped about in the air, driving them forward. Incredible.” Kirch told reporters that when you think about it, paleontology makes a lot more sense now.

3 Responses

  1. Afarensis, you’re quoting from The Onion!!! XD

  2. Yup! Couldn’t resist.

  3. The best source for new theories surely? Still can’t believe the floating sauropods haven’t featured in “The Onion” or the aquatic origin of birds. Obviously too silly to parody.

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