Interesting Science Picture: Part VII

While we wait for the Science article with the South African hominins, I thought I would mention that other interesting finds have come from Sterkfontein. For example:

Fig. 6. Clarke reconstruction of StW 53 male Australopithecus africanus (top left) compared to Sts 5 female A. africanus cast (top right), endocranial casts of StW 53 (middle rowleft) and Sts 5 (middle rowright), basal view of StW 53 Clarke reconstruction (lower left) and Sts 5 cast (lower right). Note broader cranial base in the male StW 53.

The above picture is from: Clarke (2008) Latest information on Sterkfontein’s Australopithecus skeleton and a new look at Australopithecus. South African Journal of Science 104, November/December 2008

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