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I’m going to be working on my blog roll this weekend and if you know of any blogs I’m missing in the science/biology/anthropology area leave a link in comments. I should also mention that I am also responsible for the links at The Panda’s Thumb so if you see anything missing there as well leave a comment.

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  1. Dear Afarensis,
    You have a good list of people who have put their pdfs online. This needs updating as some are no longer online . Incase you do this can you put my site, given above where I have my publications available for download. I see you have mostly americans on your list. I think I have found more people than you list as I also hunt for pdfs as I don’t have access to the e versions of journals.
    I just thought you might do this after your blogroll update.

  2. Some other people who have their pdfs on the web

    John Gowlett, University of Liverpool

    D.S . Adler, university of Conneticut

    Steven Kuhn & Mary Stiner

    Karen Baab

    Dr. Ran Barkai, Tel Aviv University

    Mark Beech, York University/Abu Dhabi

    E Arthur Bettis III, university of Iowa (only some of his papers, but they are good ones)

    Paolo Biagi, Universita C;’Foscoar Venezia
    He has worked on palaeolithic sites in Pakistan and has put 34 papers on this site

    Fereidoun Biglari

    Jeffery Brantingham,

    Shannon P. McPherron

    Harold Dibble–I had downloaded from here earlier, but today it says the link is broken…

    Nicholas J. Conard, Tubengin university

    Darrly de Ruiter, Department of Anthropology, Texas A&M University

    Enloe, J. G. University of Iowa, anthropology department

    Robert A. Foley, Leverhulme centre for human evolutionary studies

    Jay T. Stock, Leverhulme centre for human evolutionary studies

    Denis Geraads–palaeontology

    Erella Hovers, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Colin Groves, Australian National University

    Gary Haynes, university of Nevada

    Andy I.R. Herris, University of New south Wales

    Peter Hiscock, Australian National University

    Amos Frumkin, Hebrew university, Jerusalem

    Stephen Lycett,Department of Anthropology, University of Kent

    Gabriele Macho, University of Bradford

    Ben Marwick, Washington state university

    James F. O’Connell, university of Utah

    Jeffrey RoseUniversity of Birmingham

    Marie Soressi, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

    Sponheimer, M., University of Colorado

    Stanford, Craig B., University of southern California

    Martha Tappen, university of minnesota

    Gilbert Tostevin,university of minnesota

    Daniel Adler

    Williams, J.K., SMU

    João Zilhão

  3. I will, and if you have any other links to people who put their pdfs online feel free to let me know…

  4. Ooh, ooh! Please sir, link to me!

    Oh, you have, but I’ve got a new address. Actually, it might be good to link to Nature Network: show what scientists do when we think nobody’s looking.

  5. Oooo… please link to me too!


  6. Thanks! I’ll add these this weekend.

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