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Sci ence Daily mentions this article in connection with forensic anthropology. This is the gist of the article (from Science Daily):

The researchers collected craniofacial measurements from the remains of children between the ages of 14 and 16. The researchers then ran the data through modeling software and additional statistical analyses to determine whether children differ significantly from adults in terms of the craniofacial markers that identify a given population.

In addition to forensic applications, the findings also represent a breakthrough for physical anthropologists studying past civilizations. Because craniofacial characteristics are used to examine differences between populations, these findings can help anthropologists advance our understanding of how populations have moved or changed over time. The study shows that anthropologists can now use the remains of children to help get a snapshot of what the population looked like in a specific area — they are no longer limited to using the craniofacial remains of adults.

Can someone send me a copy of the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery article – link above.

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  1. Just curious about these article requests: why not use your library’s interlibrary-loan service?

  2. I’m not in college, unfortunately, or I would.

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