That Reminds Me…

John Lynch mentions that it has been a year since he left ScienceBlogs. It has been a year for me as well, my last post at ScienceBlogs being on May 7th, 2009. I can’t say that I miss being there and most of the ScienceBloggers that I read regularly have since moved on – there are a few still lingering though. I have gotten over 100,000 hits in the past year with my best day being 10/27/09 with my letter to Alan Grayson. In looking at my stats one of the more interesting things that jumps out is that I have incoming links from a wider, more diverse group of blogs than when I was at ScienceBlogs. Which is cool…

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  1. Yea us!

    Actually, I noticed the linkage diversity as well … go figure.

  2. I could get a good paper on the cultural anthropology of the blogosphere out of my time there…paraphrasing Henry Adams I would call it the Squid and the Shoe.

  3. Not that one little opinion matters, but both of you guys are on my list of blogs to check a few times a week. The only Scienceblog I read daily is Ed Brayton.

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