The (Intelligent?) Designer Has Been Found!

Turns out the Designer isn’t Jehovah, or even a more interesting deity like Aphrodite or Thor, rather the designer is the lowly termite at least in Kenya anyway.

What was observed on the ground was even clearer in satellite imagery. Each mound — relatively inconspicuous on the Kenyan grassland — stood at the center of a burst of floral productivity. More importantly, these bursts were highly organized in relation to one another, evenly dispersed as if squares on a checkerboard. The result, says Pringle, is an optimized network of plant and animal output closely tied to the ordered distribution of termite mounds.

“In essence, the highly regular spatial pattern of fertile mounds generated by termites actually increases overall levels of ecosystem production. And it does so in such a profound way,” says Todd M. Palmer, assistant professor of biology at the University of Florida and an affiliate of the Mpala Research Centre in Nanyuki, Kenya. “Seen from above, the grid-work of termite mounds in the savanna is not just a pretty picture. The over-dispersion, or regular distribution of these termite mounds, plays an important role in elevating the services this ecosystem provides.”

I hope ID advocates modify their theories accordingly…

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  1. It would have been nice to see the satellite imagery but neither the SD article nor the PLOS article seemed to have it or a link to it.

  2. Yes, I would have liked to have seen that too, especially since the SD article mentioned it.

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