An Open Letter To The New York Times

Dear Publishers of the New York Times,
This is why newspapers are going the way of the dodo bird.


(Hat Tip to John Hawks)

Interesting Science Picture: Part VIII

Fig. S3. (A) Detector count maps for all elements of the feather region clipped so that white corresponds to the 95th percentile of the overall count distribution.

Two calcium maps are shown, one measured in low-Z configuration and one in high-Z configuration as discussed in the text. (B) Full set of elemental

images corresponding to region presented in Fig. 2 with intensity scale included at right.

(Note: this is a picture of three elements only) From PNAS

In Memoriam: Lena Horne

Rest in Peace

In Memoriam: Frank Frazetta

Rest in Peace

The Donner Party: The Controversy Continues

An article in the LA Times takes an interesting look at the recent research. Also, there is a blog devoted to the subject which I highly recommend.

In the meantime, I am on hiatus (if you hadn’t guessed) and will return in a couple of weeks. A vacation every now and then is a wonderful thing.