Delurk If You Dare!

I haven’t done this since 2007 but thought I would give it a try. Let me know who you are, or if you prefer what you like or dislike (gently) about the blog…

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  1. Not exactly a lurker, as I have left a comment or two in the past, but I’m just an armchair paleoanthropologist who must be very choosy about which blogs in that field I can spare the time to follow. Yours is my favorite – relevant, timely, and generally lacking in the extreme hubris that seems to infect so many others in the field. I can’t materially add to the discussion, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

  2. MOAR LOLcats!

  3. Interesting you should mention that…

  4. I’m not sure I’ve ever commented here, so, almost certainly a total lurker. I check out the site generally about 5 times a week. (Hint: more posting would lead to more clickies;) )

  5. Not exactly a lurker, either.
    I follow your blog because you provide a nice mixture of serious anthropology posts and not so serious other stuff (although I second carlsonjok). IRL I’m working in medical research (transplantation immunology).

  6. Lurker extraordinaire…I subscribe to your blog to stay informed about the latest in paleoanthropology.

  7. I comment occasionally, but usually on the rare political post. However, I’ve been reading your blog for upwards of three years now, going back to the old site. Cheers! and keep up the good work.

  8. I followed you here from scienceblogs when you moved. I think I first encountered you on a “Four Stone Hearth Carnival.”

    Thanks for continuing to write.

  9. je suis fusilier!

    ‘been reading since before you were on Scienceblogs


    James 2:24

  10. Frequent visitor and mayhap not a lurker, though I don’t post comments as often as I should. Great blog, great work – keep it up!

    Magnus Reuterdahl/Testimony of the spade

  11. Guilty as charged. The excuse I’m using is that I only found your blog about a month ago.

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