Know Your Primate:Varecia variegata

In honor of those who have delurked here is another installment of my long neglected Know Your Primate series.
Order: Primates
Suborder: Strepsirrhini
Family: Lemuridae
Genus: Varecia
Species: Varecia variegata

Varecia variegata is variously known as the variegated or ruffed lemur. It comes in the form of two subspecies V. v. variegata and V. v. ruber (the red ruffed lemur). This post is about the former.

The ruffed lemur is an inhabitant of the forests of eastern Madagascar and is the largest of the lemur species. It is an arboreal quadruped, but does engage in leaping behavior. Their diet is mainly fruit. The social organization of the ruffed lemur is somewhat variable and ranges from single male-female pairs to groups of up to 16-20 individuals. Unlike most other lemur species, the ruffed lemur has three pairs of mammae and they also have a scent gland on their neck – which the males use for marking.

(Picture Source)

(Picture Source)

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  1. Three pairs of mammae – I wonder why that wasn’t selected for in human evolution, given their attraction.

  2. That second photo looks more like a ruffed-up lemur.

  3. That’s one cranky-lookin’ lemur.

  4. It does look kind of grumpy doesn’t it.

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