Hawks, Paleoanthropology, and Cranks

In an otherwise interesting article on Homo floresiensis Hawks mentions the following:

Gretchen asks if I’m turning into a crank.

Hawks, pictured below, responds:

Wow, it really must be the heat getting to me! I have to keep reminding myself that press interviews frequently misrepresent the nuances of what scientists actually say and think. And yet, this stuff is widely read and believed even among our colleagues! Anyway, I’ve toned down some of the crankiness.

Hawks, paleoanthropological curmudgeon

Although I am in the “pro” camp I do agree with Hawks on this issue. These articles are widely read and it would behoove the writers to get the details right. Of, course it would also behoove neuroscientists to get the details right as well…

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  1. more on this over at Evolving Thoughts:

  2. Yeah, I saw that. That is were Hawk’s post takes its inspiration.

  3. this is exceptionally funny whilst i was on his blog just now, and after going through the dietary posts section i felt so damn annoyed i couldnt comment and write my 3-4 pages of thought on the subject:) . for example in fallbackfoods, it is smarter to realise that most animals have a seasonal dependence on (sometimes fallback) foods, and so would hominids. very interesting questions his articles raise in me:) a thing i think of now is that in every case i think humans deposit their waste into fire and water, so everywhere managable (throwable) skeletal parts of prey etc. would tend to be underrepresented, and when he asks what other especially tough stuf a boisei would be adapted to:D , i’v read people hypothesized bark for that or a specific kind of nut, but now i think it was sth seasonal, dental wear in the days before death would maybe hardly ever show in the wet season, not becus what they ate, but becus how they rot (and got deposited off)

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