Songs From My (Misspent) Youth

Haven’t done any music videos in awhile so I thought I would regale you with some of the music I listened to as a teenager…

Lucifer’s Friend Spanish Galleon :

Tucky Buzzard Gold Medallions:

Uriah Heep July Morning:

Dust From a Dry Camel

Nektar Remember the Future – the embedding has been disabled so you will have to go here to listen

Finally, Aphrodite’s Child The Four Horseman

2 Responses

  1. I remember my first rock concert. It was 1974, with Deep Purple as the headliner, Savoy Brown 2nd on the bill, and Tukky Buzzard opening the show. Until now, that was the ONLY time I ever heard of Tukky Buzzard.

  2. But can rock teach about Darwin like electropera,_In_a_Year
    or behaviour of primitive humans like synthpop


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