Bob O’Hara You Are An Evil, Evil Man

Okay, I have to confess. This made me laugh harder than I have in a couple of weeks.

My first post will be about a remarkable paper (still embargoed) that describes context-dependent dispersal strategies in maritime rodents.

I’m still laughing…

P. S. Bob, how is the veal? Should we tickle tip the waitress? Will you be here all week?

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  1. Don’t bother with the veal – it’s a little dear.

    At this rate I’m going to be the only one left at Sb, with nothing to read but Adam Bly’s blog.

  2. I had a thought about that last night. I was suffering through a bout of insomnia (still haven’t gotten any sleep) and it occurred to me that if we could only get a giant , multiblog game of Mornington Crescent going we could save Seed. Think of it, thousands of players spanning, well, um, however many blogs are left.

  3. Ha! Brilliant.

    A pity Zuska has left – imagine her reaction if the CBEBs descended on her blog to play MC.

  4. That would be funny…

  5. You should have suggested that EARLIER..

  6. I know, I should have, my bad.

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