Road Trip: Mastadon State Park and Graham Cave State Park

Yesterday I went to Mastadon State Park (in Imperial, MO). I have been there before and mainly went because I needed to replenish my stock of sabertooth tiger and mastadon earrings. I also picked up a nifty sabertooth tiger key chain. On the other hand, I have never been to Graham Cave – which is a rather important site in Missouri (you can find out more about it here). I was somewhat disappointed with Graham Cave.

This is, more or less, how it looks now:

Picture Source. The fence you can see on the left continues across the cave preventing any access. Behind the fence is a tarp covering the site along with a huge amount of gravel. This is placed there to prevent the site from eroding – and to prevent pot hunters. There are a few interpretive displays – that could be better – and no museum. This later shocked me. I would have expected more…

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