Shame on the National Park Service: Will Blair Mountain Be Strip-Mined?

The National Park Service has made a horrible decision on Blair Mountain. The mountain was the scene of a battle between coal miners, coal companies and the government. The L. A. Times describes the National Park Service’s horrible decision on Blair Mountain:

King was finally vindicated last year when the state nominated the battlefield to the National Register of Historic Places and the National Park Service conferred the status.

But months later, the state withdrew its nomination and the federal agency removed it from the register. Landowners on the mountain had to agree to the listing, and a recount showed that a majority was opposed to it.

King, Ayers and others have called the recount a fraud. Preservation and environmental groups have filed an administrative appeal and warned the National Park Service they will sue if it does not reverse the delisting. Last week the park service refused to reverse the delisting but recommended the state renominate it to the National Register. The state has said nothing and so far no lawsuit has been filed.

Since the mountain contains about a billion dollars worth of coal, one is not surprised. Strip mining is expected to destroy the mountain and considering the historical significance of the site, the coal companies probably relish the symbolism.

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