“It Will Rewrite Evolutionary Theory…” and “Prove Darwin Wrong…”

The title of this post are two common remarks one hears when the press covers evolution. Drives me straight up the wall. A study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B looks at these claims from the standpoint of paleontology and paleoanthropology.
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Four Stone Hearth Turns 100 and Evolves

Earlier today Martin announced that he was giving up his duties as editor of The Four Stone Hearth. I think we, in the anthropology section of the blogosphere, owe Martin a big thank you for his efforts. I have agreed to take over the duties of wrangling hosts, and so forth, that Martin has so capably performed. To that end, we need hosts for September 15th and after (9/29, 10/13, etc). If you are interested in hosting contact me via email. My address is under the “about” tab.

In his post, which was also the 100th installment of the Four Stone Hearth, Martin mentions that he thinks that blog carnivals are going out of style and while I understand the reasons he gives I have to disagree. Science, as a subject, accounts for 10% of all stories on blogs. In the past few weeks several new blogging networks have come on line and anthropology blogs are prominent members of both. Back in 2004 when I first started blogging Hawks and Kambiz were the only anthropology bloggers out there*. In the intervening time there has been an explosion of anthropology blogging, so there is an interested readership and an interesting group of writers to explain and expand the field. So the question is how do we adapt the Four Stone Hearth to the continually changing internet environment – newspapers are dying because they couldn’t find a way – and continue to provide interesting content and discussion? I am going to be thinking about this issue and will probably have more to say later, but feel free to leave comments and idea.

* When I first started blogging we didn’t have the internet. We wrote our posts on rocks and threw them at our readers. You young whipper-snappers have no idea how easy you have it. You call those lithics! Get off my artifacts!