Four Stone Hearth: Apologies for Dropping the Ball

Hi all. The latest issue of the Four Stone Hearth was supposed to be at Sorting Out Scienceon 10/27. However, I have been struggling with a horrible cold and just totally missed it. I do apologize for not making the usual announcements. In the meantime, if you do have any submissions go ahead and send them.

Four Stone Hearth Volume 103 Is Up

The 103rd edition of The Four Stone Hearth is up at The Prancing Papio head on over to read the finest anthropology blogging the net has to offer. The next edition will be hosted at Sorting Out Science on 10/27/10.

Four Stone Hearth in Three Days

The next edition of the Four Stone Hearth will be hosted at The Prancing Papio on 10/13. Please get your submissions in.

On a related note we are in need of hosts for 11/10 and 11/24. Contact me for details.
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