Doing My Civic Duty

Despite struggling with a cold that I can’t seem to shake, I drug myself out of bed yesterday at 4:00 AM. I was going to be serving as an assistant supervisor at one of the polling places and needed to be at the polls at 5:00. The polls opened at 6:00 and from then till 7:00 PM I was busy explaining how to use the various voting machines to the voters (since I was working the election I got to vote an absentee ballot). Sometime around 9:00 someone bumped the heat up and it took several hours for us to track down the custodian and have him turn down the heat. The result of which is that I got pretty dehydrated – which didn’t help my cold. Overall it was a very interesting experience – one I highly recommend. If you are interested contact your local board of elections, I am sure they will be grateful for the help.

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