Four Stone Hearth Volume 106

Welcome to the 106th edition of the Four Stone Hearth. The submissions were light, however I have rounded up a few more interesting posts, so without further ado…

John Hawks has several interesting posts. The first, Custmarked bones from Dikika critiqued looks at the recent paper by Dominguez-Rodrigo et al. The other post, Orangutan dynamics of Borneo looks at a paper published in PNAS (Effects of Pleistocene glaciations and rivers on the population structure of Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) ).

Kambiz at also looks at the paper by Dominguez-Rodrigo et al.

Also at is Oldest Modern Human China Remains From China which looks at a 100,000 year old mandible found in China. The wrinkle is that this mandible has a chin.

CulturePotion – a blog new to me – has an interesting post which examines Indigenous People of the Americas: Racism and Struggle.

Anthropology in Practice looks at Faunal Friends: Evolution and the Animal Connection – this is about Pat Shipman’s recent paper.

At A Hot Cup of Joe we learn the answer to the question When does vandalism become an archaeological feature?

Old Dirt – New Thoughts gives a glimpse into the labwork being done on the Hamline History materials in Hamline History in the Lab

Over at The Prancing Papio we get filled in on a new species of Tamarin that Raymond recently discovered at the zoo in Legopithecus rosalia kenneyi – I think this is probably my favorite of this edition.

At A Primate of Modern Aspect we have several interesting posts about being a grad student. In the first, we learn about soup. The second compares med school and grad school.

Over at Laelaps Brian looks at the typical creationist misunderstanding of human evolution in Monkeys and Uncles.

Over at Beast Ape and the bleeding heart baboons we get an interesting story about language in Children Dog House, or How I Learn to Speak Amharic.

Discard Studies – another blog new to me – has a fascinating post called Holding Back the Sands of Time.

Material World has an interesting post on Of Toilets and Taboos.

Finally, since we started on a controversial subject we will also end on a controversial subject. A Primate of Modern Aspect has a post on Darwinius massillae, continued… the post looks at a new paper by Gingerich and colleagues on Darwinius massillae.

Edit to add: the next edition will be hosted at Archive Fire on 12/08. I am looking for hosts for future editions. If you are interested drop me a line. My email is in the “About” tab.

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