Know Your Primate: Archaeolemur majori

Order: Primates
Suborder: Strepsirrhini
Infraorder: Lemuriformes
Family: Archaeolemuridae
Genus: Archaeolemur
Species: Archaeolemur majori

Archaeolemurs are extinct lemurs from the island of Madagascar. They were quadrupedal frugivores that exploited both terrestrial and aboreal environments.

(Picture source: Tattersall 1973 Cranial Anatomy Of The Archaeolemurinae (Lemouroidea, Primates), Anthropological Papers of the AMNH, Vol 52, Part I)

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  1. Great pic. Tx
    It’s no wonder that the colonial scientists who first discovered Archaeolemur thought that they had discovered a “monkey” [anthropoid] in Madagascar.
    Robust little chisels instead of a tooth comb, whopping big central upper incisors, bilophodont molars, globular crania…a pity they disappeared only centuries ago.

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