So I Guess I Should Start Writing Some Stuff, Eh

So I’m looking at my site stats, not expecting much because I haven’t been writing much and I discovered that one of the sites referring to mine is is this one – it goes to the Harvard College Library. I guess I ought to do something to earn that – like writing posts on a more regular basis?

Four Stone Hearth Vol 120 Is Up

The latest edition of the Four Stone Hearth is up at Sorting Out Science. Check it out! Also be sure to check out the new home of the Four Stone Hearth

New Baby Black and White Colobus at the St. Louis Zoo!


From here

More pictures here

A New Site For The Four Stone Hearth

Hosting for the current site for the Four Stone Hearth is set to expire on 06/28/11. Consequently, I have created a new, free site, for the Four Stone Hearth. Please adjust your bookmarks and pass the word!

The previous site was an FTP site and had limited functionality. The new site has a webpage and a blog – which means RSS feeds are now available. The new site is live, but still a work in progress so let me know what you think.

Begging for an article

Can someone send me a copy of the article below:

Strontium isotope evidence for landscape use by early hominins
Nature Volume: 474, Pages: 76-78 Date published: (02 June 2011) DOI: doi:10.1038/nature10149

My email address is in the “about” tab…