Southwestern Archaeology Items of Interest

For those interested in Southwestern archaeology I have stumbled across a couple of interesting links.

First, there is a you tube channel devoted to Hohokam archaeology.

Second, a new blog, by Steve Lekson, called The Southwest in the World is excerpting material from a book in progress. From the about section:

The Southwest in the World is the working title of a book I’m writing. I’ve decided to put parts of each chapter on the web, more or less as they are being written. Actually, I am posting a short summary essay linked to a PDF of a “chapter fragment” — the in-process draft. If you want the whole thing, read the PDF; but be aware that it’s a rough draft, lacking illustrations, incomplete references, etc. The PDF chapter fragments will disappear after about a month; summary essays will remain posted.

The Southwest in the World is the second in a series of three books. In 2009, I published the first, a book looking at the region historically: A History of the Ancient Southwest (SAR Press). The current (second) book, The Southwest in the World, uses that history to do science. It’s a science book. A third book (if I live that long) will look at Southwestern archaeology through arts and literature; its working title is History & Heritage in Southwestern Archaeology.. I have read a few of the posts and they are quite interesting…

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