A Tease Or The Real Deal?

It has been extremely hot here in St. Louis, with a number of days in the 105-110 defgree (Farenheit) range. It hasn’t rained in about a month and a half. The grass in my yard is dead, the leaves on the oak and maple trees in my yard are hanging limp and wilted. A couple of times we had clouds roll in and a lot of thunder and lightening but no rain. Today, about 7:00 pm I took the pictures below. Continue reading

An Open Letter To National Geographic: Where Is My Blog

Dear National Geographic,
You may remember me from this contribution to National Geographic News. First of all, kudos for your purchase of Science Blogs and congratulations on your successful migration of all the blogs. I noticed that you even included all the blogs of the bloggers who have departed Science Blogs. All except mine that is – which came as something of a shock since I was one of the original 14 bloggers recruited by Seed Media. Is there a reason why mine was left out?