Discovery Institute vs Geologist

This is really amusing. Especially this bit:

I only hope the materialist, reductionist scales fall off your eyes one day. Until then, I feel sorry for your students.

(material omitted – afarensis)

The “scales falling off the eyes” bit is apparently derived from the Bible. I’ve only heard that phrase once previously, when speaking with a devout Christian friend. It’s a curious tactic for him to employ. I certainly can’t say it compelled me: basically it means that someone was deluded or wrong, and that a new piece of information shifts their perspective fundamentally.

They just can’t keep religion out of their discourse, no matter how hard they try to deny the connection between Christianity and ID. Check out the rest of the post.

Hat Tip: Ptaylor

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  1. The reference is to Paul’s conversion experience as reported in Acts 9:18. I’m not surprised that these characters would use such a figure of speech but I think this particular one has entered the comment conversational language.

  2. Yeah, there is a link to that verse in the post. I have never had that verse quoted in my dealings with creationists.

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