Discovery Institute: More Surreal Than Salvador Dali

The Panda’s Thumb has a post up detailing the Discovery Institutes attempt to hold a Wistar Symposium retrospective. The Disco Institute rounded up their usual cast of characters (Meyers, Nelson, Behe, Dembski, Wells, Axe, Marks, etc.) and proceeded to lecture a bunch of real evolutionary scientists about evolution. The results were about as surreal as […]

Vandalizing Petroglyphs: Morons With Guns

Seems like everytime I turn around I am hearing about petroglyphs being vandalized – usually by graffiti. This time the culprit is some moron, or morons, who decided the petroglyphs needed to be shot up:

Vandalizing Rock Art

According to the Salt Lake Tribune vandals recently destroyed rock art dating back several thousand years:

Joshua Tree National Park Closures and Social Media: This Sucks!

Parts of the Joshua Tree National Park have been closed due to vandalism in both canyons and to some archaeological sites. The Inquisitr has more: In addition to allowing park workers time to repair some of the damage, the Joshua Tree closures will give them an opportunity to investigate the crime. The park officials strongly […]

Book Review: Science and Human Origins – Chapter One: Part One

This little book is one of a class that was more common twenty years ago, when any acute literary critic thought he could demolish Darwin. Mr. Syme has, however, the advantage of having read some of the best works both for and against Darwinism, and is thus able to support his views by quoting writers […]

The Metopic Suture of Taung

A recent article in PNAS looks at the metopic suture on the Taung endocast. Before discussing the article a few words are in order about the frontal bone.

Four Stone Hearth Volume 106

Welcome to the 106th edition of the Four Stone Hearth. The submissions were light, however I have rounded up a few more interesting posts, so without further ado…

Sinanthropus Returns!

Dennis Etler has resumed writing Sinanthropus, apparently back in June. I’m irked that I missed that because I would have loved to have included a piece by him in the Four Stone Hearth, when I recently hosted the carnival. There are a number of interesting posts on Australopithecines, Lufengpithecus, bipedalism, and a bunch of other […]

Begging for an Article: Again

Can some one send me a copy of this article? Here is the abstract – which is very interesting: Only one partial skeleton that includes both forelimb and hindlimb elements has been reported for Australopithecus afarensis. The diminutive size of this specimen (A.L. 288-1 [“Lucy”]) has hampered our understanding of the paleobiology of this species […]

Things You Would Like To See

Science Daily has an item concerning the Laetoli foot print study in PLoS One. One bit stands out: The subjects walked both with normal, erect human gaits and then with crouched, chimpanzee-like gaits. Film of the latter would be interesting – lord knows we were disappointed with last year’s Ardipithecus special on that score… Speaking […]