Muffler Falls Off Ford Pinto: Luskin on Dmanisi

I’ve been wondering what the creationist response to the new Dmanisi article in Nature would be. The Discovery Institute’s decrepit Ford Pinto gets pushed to the podium (sans muffler, a few wheels and a bumper or two). I say decrepit because Luskin’s post is, to put it charitably, pitiful. Finds at Dmanisi have been cropping […]


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Like Sands Through the Hourglass, These Are the Taxonomic Assessments of the Hobbit

The Journal of Human Evolution is going to have a special issue devoted to Homo floresiensis and word is leaking out on one of the articles in it. The Australian has the best article so far. I say that because it inspired a Homer Simpson like D’OH moment on my part. Here is why:

Stupid Creationist Quote of the Week

Today we have comments by two commenters at UD. First up is a commenter named Barb. Barb left a rather lengthy comment talking about Lucy. The part that earned her a “stupid creationist quote” award is this: The paucity of fossil evidence makes knowing all of human evolutionary history impossible. The best evidence for Lucy […]

New Homo floresiensis Studies

Since 2004 the taxonomic status of Homo floresiensis has been one of the more hotly contested issues in paleoanthropology. I have 34 articles on the subject and there are some that I haven’t acquired yet. The Journal of Human Evolution has four more papers on Homo floresiensis. One discusses the Liang Bua faunal sequence, a […]

The Hobbit Enigma: Semi-Liveblogging the Documentary

John Scanlon brought an interesting documentary to my attention. The documentary is about Homo floresiensis and can be found here.

Oh Fudge! Information Overload, Brain Melting

Yup, it’s been one of those weeks. I had planned on writing about quadrupedalism in primates. Then, I got word of a fascinating new zooarchaeological study on northern fur seals. Then the FOXP2 story about bat echolocation came out, then the Dmanisi paper, and now I hear that there is going to be an article […]

The New York Times and Human Evolution

The New York Times has an interesting article about human evolution. The article, called Lost in a Million-Year Gap, Solid Clues to Human Origins, discusses some of the issues raised by the recent discoveries at Ileret and, unlike most of the other media coverage, actually manages to do a good job. One of the more […]

Begging for PDF’s

I looking for the following articles. If anybody out there with access could send them to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Note to DaveScot: Hominin Fossils Would Fill a Coffin Many Times Over

Over at UD DaveScot makes a claim profoundly at odds with reality (no surprise there, eh). Specifically, in the thread that about MacCallum’s PLOS article Davescot says: All the hominid fossils we have wouldn’t fill a single coffin. I guess DaveScot doesn’t know that over 400 Neanderthal fossils have been discovered. Many such as at […]