Stupid Creationist Quote of the Week

Today we have comments by two commenters at UD. First up is a commenter named Barb. Barb left a rather lengthy comment talking about Lucy. The part that earned her a “stupid creationist quote” award is this: The paucity of fossil evidence makes knowing all of human evolutionary history impossible. The best evidence for Lucy […]

Detecting Early Diet in Teeth

There is an interesting new paper out in PNAS that looks at enamel chemistry to try and reconstruct early diet. The study is by Humphrey, Dean, Jeffries, and Penn. The abstract is below the fold.

Know Your Primate: Paranthropus robustus

Order: Primates Suborder: Haplorrhini Superfamily: Hominoidea Family: Hominidae Subfamily: Homininae Tribe: Hominini Subtribe: Australopithecina Genus: Paranthropus Species: Paranthropus robustus

Note to DaveScot: Hominin Fossils Would Fill a Coffin Many Times Over

Over at UD DaveScot makes a claim profoundly at odds with reality (no surprise there, eh). Specifically, in the thread that about MacCallum’s PLOS article Davescot says: All the hominid fossils we have wouldn’t fill a single coffin. I guess DaveScot doesn’t know that over 400 Neanderthal fossils have been discovered. Many such as at […]

The Juvenile Australopithecus afarensis

Nature has an interesting series of videos on the find.

Dinosaur Embryos, Growth and Human Evolution: One From the Archives

This post was written back on 8/2/05. I had just finished a series on Kennewick when the Massospondylus carinatus stuff was announced. Lot’s of bloggers were writting about it so I decided to focus on the allometric aspects…Being a bit of a prude, I was somewhat concerned about the second picture below, but since Mrs. […]

Dinosaur Embryos, Growth and Human Evolution

I recently wrote a post on Dinosaur Embryos. One of the more interesting aspects of the find was that differences in relative growth of various body parts turned a quadrapedal infant into a bipedal adult. To understand what is going on here look at the pictures to the left. The first picture shows a baby […]