Homo floresiensis: The Chamber Beneath Ling Bua

The Australian is reporting on a chamber beneath the Ling Bua cave where LB1 was found. According to the article the chamber was found last year:

Ling Bua To Be Reopened

Via Kambiz at Anthropology.net comes the exciting news that Ling Bua – of Homo floresiensis is being reopened for excavation! Kambiz links to a long BBC article announcing the find. The potential end of the Hobbit Saga (one way or the other) could come if new skulls are found. Personally, I started out convinced and […]

Two Million Year Old Artifacts on Sulawesi: The Return of Hominid Catastrophism

That is what this article in the Guardian claims!

Did Homo sapiens Copy Tool Making Techniques From H. floresiensis? Do Bonobos Rate Food?

Science is reporting on interesting research on the Ling Bua stone tools:

Stone Tools and Homo floresiensis

According to National Geographic a study, to be published in tomorrows issue of Nature (Could someone send me the article when it becomes available?) links the stone tools at Liang Bua to 800,000 year old tools found at nearby Mata Menge.

Homo floresiensis: More Pieces of the Puzzle

The past week has seen a flurry of activity concerning Homo floresiensis. Starting with an article in the letters section of Nature (kindly sent to me by Aydin at Snail’s Tales)and continuing with articles in Nature’s News and News and Views Sections. Several bloggers have posted on it as well. Carl Zimmer at Corante has […]