In Memoriam: Phillip Tobias – A Giant Passes

Phillip Tobias passed away today according to the University of the Witwatersrand. He was 86. Tobias was a giant in the field of paleoanthropology having studied both the East African fossil material- his monographs on Zinjanthropous and Homo habilis were masterpieces – and the South African fossil material – most notably at Sterkfontein. He was […]

Sunday Need to Read: The Backlog Keeps Growing

I seem to be acquiring papers quicker than I can read them. It doesn’t help the my printer is out of ink and I hate reading pdfs on the computer…a problem which should be remedied later this week.

The Age of STW 573: The Debate Continues

An article appearing in Science (abstract here) continues the debate surrounding STW 573 (aka Little Foot). The STW 573 australopith (species hasn’t been decided yet) was found in the late 1990’s by R. J. Clarke at Sertkfontein.