Pandering to the Wicked

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an interesting story up on the census. Apparently, the Census Bureau severs ties with ACORN in 2010 count.

Tuesday Paleopathology Blogging: Did STW 431 Have Brucellosis?

I’ve been meaning to mention this ever since the article was published in PLoS One. Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by any of several bacilli. It is primarily found in livestock such as cows, horses, pigs, and goats. It has also been found in wild animals such as zebra, eland, waterbuck, and impala. It […]

Bush Administration Tampers with Everglades Report

According to Science News Daily the number three person at the Interior Department edited a National Park Service report on the Everglades:

Palace of Ajax: Found?

Added Later: My good blog buddy Duane over at Abnormal Interests has a post on this as well. I should mention that a Syrio-Palestinian archaeologist could not get away with it – nor should Lolosn (I don’t know how classical archaeologists get away with it…we need to sick Binford on them). But you will have […]

Papers I Have Read This Week

The Position of Hippopotamidae Within CetartiodactylaPNAS 102:1537-1541. Fascinating discussion of the phlogeny of Hippos (apparently, they are related to whales). I’ll probably do a post about it – maybe on Transitions Coding Sequences of Functioning Human Genes Derived Entirely from Mobile Element Sequences.PNAS 101:16825-16830. The title pretty much says it all. The Rate of DNA […]

Four Stone Hearth Volume 106

Welcome to the 106th edition of the Four Stone Hearth. The submissions were light, however I have rounded up a few more interesting posts, so without further ado…

A Nefarious, Evil LOLcat Plot Exposed

My suspicions were aroused when known LOLcat purveyor (and suspected LOLcat spy) carlsonjok left this comment on my blog. Later on I discovered this blood curdling story on Science Daily:

Four Stone Hearth Vol 95

Gasp, Gasp, Pant, Pant, Pant Phew, a little short of breath. Apparently, threatening to hold your breath until you get submissions really works! At least some of you didn’t want me to suffer the ill effects of oxygen deprivation (looks sternly at those who didn’t contribute). I received an interesting mix of submissions and will […]

The Carthaginians And Human Sacrifice: Carthage Got A Bum Rap

The victors always write the history and the case of Carthage was no exception. Consider this from Wikipedia: Later commentators have compared the accounts of child sacrifice in the Old Testament with similar ones from Greek and Latin sources speaking of the offering of children by fire as sacrifices in the Punic city of Carthage, […]

Interesting Anthropology and Science News

There are several interesting items on Science Daily. First, Monkeys Get A Groove On, But Only To Monkey Music: The similarities in communications between monkeys and people suggest deep evolutionary roots for the musical elements of speech, Snowdon says. “The emotional components of music and animal calls might be very similar, and from an evolutionary […]