Egnor and Archaeology

Chris at Northstate Science takes Dr. Egnor to task for making an analogy between intelligent design and archaeology. Dr. Egnor claims archaeology is all about detecting “design” in an attempt to give ID some scientific legitimacy. Chris uses the work of von Daniken to show why this is incorrect…

I wonder if Egnor Knows About This Study

According to an article on Science Daily researchers at Washington University have discovered that:

A Music Video for Dr. Egnor

Because of his recent craziness…

A Conspiracy Theory: DaveScot and Dr. Egnor are the Same Person

It would explain why they have never been seen together. It would also explain why DaveScot had trouble with the concept of a haploid number, whilst Egnor can’t tell the difference between somatic cells and germ cells, among other things a MD should know. Case in point: If random mutations and natural selection–Dr. Novella’s “two […]

Egnor Challenge Update: I’ve Been Left Out

I’m a bit late to the party, but apparently Egnor has responded to Orac’s Challenge and to Mark Chu-Carroll’s attempts to explain the concept of a tautology but has apparently ignored my challenge. I don’t mind, though, my shoulders are cranially oriented so I can take the heavy burden. Besides, a 3.8-2.5 million year old […]

Egnor Snookers Evolutionary Biologists

Oops! Apparently we in the science community have been the victim of a prank by the Discovery Institute. Since I just wrote another post on Egnor, I feel particularly embarrassed at being so easily duped. Kudos to the Discovery Institute for displaying such a fine sense of humor your portrayal of a unthinking, anti-intellectual creationist […]

Egnor Challenge Update

Two weeks ago I issued a challenge to creationist Michael Egnor. Egnor, you may recall, said the following: Doctors don’t study evolution. Doctors never study it in medical school, and they never use evolutionary biology in their practice. So I presented a case of a doctor doing exactly that and asked Egnor to reconcile the […]

The Egnor Challenge: Day Six

Imagine my excitement when I heard Egnor had resurfaced over at Evolution News and Views. “At last”, I thought, “Egnor is going to respond to the challenges posed by myself, Orac, and Mike Dunford. I was quite twitterpated at the thought!

Egnor Challenge: Day Three

Still no answer to my challenge.

The Egnor Challenge: Day Two

It is day two of my Egnor Challenge. I will be at work all day, but when I get home I will check and see if Dr. Egnor answered…