More On The Mt. Lykaion Excavations

I have written about this story previously and was wondering if anything new had been discovered. Turns out it has. According to Science Daily evidence of Zeus worship has been found dating back to the Late Helladic:

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Mass Graves found at Himera

AsI mentioned yesterday, there is an interesting paper out on Homo floresiensis (actually there are several new papers on the subject). There is also a new paper out on the skeletons found by Berger on Palau. I’ll get to both subjects over the next couple of days. In the meantime National Geographic is reporting on the discovery of mass graves at Himera. From National Geographic:

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Returning Parthenon Marbles and News about Mt. Lykaion

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are a couple of interesting stories concerning ancient Greece in the news.

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Interesting News About Ancient Greece

There are a couple of interesting pieces of news about ancient Greece, but before I get to that a thought occurred to me. In my blogroll you will find links to a wide variety of resources and freely available pdfs. I have very little relating to ancient Greece or Mediterranean archaeology in general. So I thought I would throw it out to my readers. Anybody out there know of any good websites and/or blogs on the subject? A lot of faculty in other academic areas have freely available pdfs on their faculty pages, anybody know of any in Classical Studies, etc.?

Interesting Science News: Mainly But Not Exclusively Anthropologically Related

Science Daily reports on an interesting new application of Radiocarbon dating:

From the end of World War II and up until about 1960, the superpowers of the Cold War era, conducted nuclear tests, detonating bombs into the atmosphere. These detonations have affected the content of radioactive trace materials in the air and created what scientists refer to as the C-14 bomb pulse. From the first nuclear detonation and, until the ban on nuclear testing was evoked, the quantity of C-14 in the atmosphere doubled. Since 1960, it has only slowly decreased to natural levels.
This sudden curve has left an impression in the food chain and therefore also in the lens crystallins of the eyes, which have absorbed the increased carbon content through food stuffs. Since the crystallins remain unchanged once they have been created, they reflect the content of C-14 present in the atmosphere at the time of their creation. An event occurring shortly after birth. Using a large nuclear accelerator, physicists at Aarhus University can now determine the amount of C-14 in as little as one milligram of lens tissue and thereby calculate the year of birth.

The research behind the article appears in PLoS ONE (A wag of the finger to Coturnix for not giving me a heads up on this). I haven’t read the PLoS paper yet so I won’t comment further.

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Mt. Lykaion and the Worship of Zeus

I don’t know how I missed this, but National Geographic has an interesting article concerning archaeological excavations at Mt. Lykaion – one of the birthplaces of Zeus (the other being Mt. Ida in Crete, but we know what Epimenides thought of the Cretans). According to the article, excavations reveal that sacrifices took place at Mt. Lykaion a full 1,000 years before Zeus made an appearance:

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A Greek Legend Bites the Dust

According to Yahoo News recent research near Mt. Taygete indicates that the Spartans did not, in point of fact, throw sickly or deformed children off a cliff:

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