Hush-hush Archaeology: An Update

The other day I wrote about a fascinating piece of salvage archaeology. Via Southwest Archaeology today I learned that there is an update/correction to the story:

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Hush-hush Archaeology

That is the name of an absolutely fascinating story in the San Diego CityBeat. The story is about what happens when the Dept. of Homeland Security and the border fence collide with archaeology and a people’s desire to protect their past. It is an amazing read…

Networks of Plunder

Carl Feagans has an interesting post about an article by Byron Loosle on looting. Carl says:

Interestingly enough, I empathize -as I’m sure most archaeologists and cultural resource managers do- with the commenter’s motivation to pick up and keep an “arrowhead.” But Loosle wasn’t speaking to the casual hiker that spots a projectile point on the surface along a trail. Indeed, he notes that “approximately 90 percent of the Anasazi structural sites in Washington County have been damaged by illicit digging, with percentages just as high for sites compromised by surface collection activities in Beaver and Iron counties.”

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Yale, Skull and Bones, and the Federal Government Sued By Geronimo’s Family: Complications

I recently wrote about a lawsuit filed against Yale, Skull and Bones, and the Federal Government by descendents of Geronimo. The situation has become a little more complicated.

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Interesting Science News

Some interesting news from around the internet.

  1. Jenifer Neils reviews a couple of books on looting – including one I reviewed – and provides an interesting take on both.
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Finding Treasure and Losing History

Finding Treasure and Losing History is a review of a new show on the Discovery Channel. The review is in Archaeology and has some interesting things to say about the Discovery Channel and the ethics of making a TV show. Here is the first paragraph:

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Bush Administration Doing As Much Damage As Humanly Possible

Awhile back I wrote about Nine Mile Canyon which is back in the news. Only this time the picture is far bleaker:

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