Interesting Anthropology and Paleontology News

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Facial Reconstructions

Facial reconstructions are frequently used in forensic anthropology. Occasionally, they crop up in bioarchaeology as well (I’m thinking of a British TV show – the name of which escapes me – that also did facial reconstructions in every episode). They are also used in paleoanthropology – mainly museum displays – to give people a sense of what our hominin ancestors may have looked like. I bring this up because the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has a display on the subject called Making Faces: The Art and Science of Forensic Facial Reconstruction. From the museums website:

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Yale, Skull and Bones, and the Federal Government Sued By Geronimo’s Family

I t has long be rumored that the skull and some of the bones of Geronimo were in the possession of Skull and Bones. A letter uncovered by a Yale historian (more of that shortly) seems to confirm the rumor. Descendants of Geronimo are suing according to MSNBC:

Geronimo’s descendants have sued Skull and Bones — the secret society at Yale University linked to presidents and other powerful figures — claiming that its members stole the remains of the legendary Apache leader decades ago and have kept them ever since.
The federal lawsuit filed in Washington on Tuesday — the 100th anniversary of Geronimo’s death — also names the university and the federal government.

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Introducing A Forensic Osteology Metabase

Kambiz has been busy. He is part of a team developing a new metabase devoted to forensic osteology. As Kambiz describes it:

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Interesting Anthropology News

There are a number of interesting anthropology stories in the news today. My picks below the fold.

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The Value of Forensic Anthropology

Although the person mentioned in this article is an archaeologist, this is an excellent example of forensic anthropology in action.

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Forensic Anthropology in the News

I’m currently working on a couple of book reviews that I hope to have up later in the week. In the meantime, I stumbled across this interesting story concerning forensic anthropology. According to the report a humerus, radius, and ulna were found as construction workers were demolishing a house. From the article:

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