Hadza and Modernity

The BBC has an interesting article the Hadza and modernity called The Pied Piper of Eyasi – it is part of their “Life on the Edge” series.

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Human Terrain Teams Back In The News

I’m channeling my inner Coturnix and Greg Laden for this and the following posts.
Wired Magazine has an article on Montgomery McFate and the Human Terrain Teams and is promising more stories on the subject later in the week. I’ve already given my opinion on the subject, but it would be interesting to see if the article changes any minds…

Interesting Anthropology in The News

An interesting mix of anthropology and drama:

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Interesting Anthropology and Paleontology Stories

The BBC has an interesting, but sad, story called Botswana Bushmen refused borehole:

The government of Botswana is refusing to allow Kalahari Bushmen access to a water borehole.
In 2006, the Bushmen won a landmark legal victory against the government allowing them to return to land in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
The court found they had been illegally driven off the land by the authorities.

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In Memorium: Anthopologist Germaine Tillion

Germaine Tillion was an extraordinary woman. Here is a rather lengthy quote from Yahoo News:

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An End to Warfare?

The website for Discover Magazine has an interesting article called Has Science Found a Way to End All Wars?. The article, ostensibly about Douglas Fry’s book Beyond War seeks the opinion of a number of anthropologists, archaeologists and biologists (Frans de Waal, Robert Sapolsky, Richard Wrangham, Steven LeBlanc, and Edward O. Wilson, surprisingly Raymond Kelly wasn’t asked for an opinion) on what causes war and how it can be ended.

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The Narrabeen Man: Death By Spearing

This is an interesting story, construction workers in Sydney discovered a 4,000 year old skeleton. What makes the find interesting is that it seems to be the oldest example of ritual spearing in Australia.

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