Were Crocodiles Responsible For The Stones We Call Tools?

Bob O’H brings an interesting Correspondence item in Nature to our attention. An excerpt is below: Continue reading

Azhdarchid Fossil Distribution and Taphonomy

Many of you have heard about the recent paper by Mark Witton and Scibling Darren Naish called A Reappraisal of Azhdarchid Pterosaur Functional Morphology and Paleoecology. The paper has received a large amount of press due, mainly, to the conclusion that the Azhdarchids were terrestrial stalkers like some species of modern stork and ground hornbills. Ordinarily, I would be blogging about the osteological aspects of the paper – and there are plenty of them – but I want to focus on something different (and just as important for the paper). In the meantime, if you want to know more about the osteology Greg Laden sums it up for you. What I would like to focus on is the paleoecological and taphonomical aspects of the paper.

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