Cool Science News: Pygmy Tarsiers and Fossil Lemurs

I was planning on writing about the new Homo erectus pelvis but when I got home I discovered a crisis – Firefox gave me error messages and wouldn’t open (which meant no bookmarks and hence no access to anything important like this blog). Spent about an hour getting that straightened out. I’ll get the H. erectus post up tomorrow. In the meantime here are some really interesting stories.

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Friday Know Your Primate: Tarsiers

Today’s guest on ‘Friday Know Your Primate” has had more ink spilled in its’ name than any other primate I can think of…

tarsiers 1

Order Primates (primates)
Family Tarsiidae (tarsiers)
Genus Tarsius (tarsiers)
Species Tarsius bancanus (western tarsier)
Species Tarsius dianae (Diana tarsier)
Species Tarsius pumilus (pygmy tarsier)
Species Tarsius spectrum (spectral tarsier)
Species Tarsius syrichta (Philippine tarsier)

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