Interesting Evolution News

There are a number of interesting pieces of evolutionary research in the news. Some are a little on the old side…

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Interesting Evolutionary Research

There are are couple of interesting pieces of research in the news. The first concerns tail shedding in island lizards. PhysOrg has the story:

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Megalodon and The Great White Shark: Transitional Fossil Found

But, it doesn’t link Great Whites and Megalodon. Longtime readers may remember this three part series on the subject. An interesting new fossil has been discovered that sheds some more light on the subject.

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Interesting Science News

Some interesting news from around the internet.

  1. Jenifer Neils reviews a couple of books on looting – including one I reviewed – and provides an interesting take on both.
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Evolutionary Processes and Disease

Back on the 17th I wrote about a study that was supposed to appear in BMC Evolutionary Biology. The study concerned the evolution of the MSX1 gene and its role in causing cleft lip and some skin derivative disorders.

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Of Mice and Moths and Lizards Too

Earlier today I published an interesting picture. Here it is again for reference:

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More Interesting Anthropology and Evolution News

There are some interesting pieces of research out there this week.

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