“It Will Rewrite Evolutionary Theory…” and “Prove Darwin Wrong…”

The title of this post are two common remarks one hears when the press covers evolution. Drives me straight up the wall. A study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B looks at these claims from the standpoint of paleontology and paleoanthropology.
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The Independent Origins of Blood/Oxygen Transport Mechanisms

This is pretty cool. Science Daily PhysOrg mentions research in PNAS

An extended excerpt from Science Daily PhysOrg:

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PhyloCode: Love It? Hate It? Totally Indifferent To It

Lately, I’ve been getting into the literature on taxonomy and systematics. At this point I don’t know enough to say much about it one way or the other. I am interested in what you, my knowledgeable readers, think about phylocode. I’m particulary interested in what impact it will have on the taxonomy of primates and hominoids in particular – but you all don’t have to address that….