Transitions Turns One: A Belated Anniversery Post

A little over a year ago I became concerned with how much information the nations school children were getting about evolution. So I decided to create a new blog called Transitions: The Evolution of Life The first post was published on June 12, 2005 (a post on elephant shrews). Over the next year posts would be written on everything from the evolution of elephants and crocodylia to phyllotaxis to misunderstanding evolution to barnacles. Along the way I have also accumulated a wide variety of resources for both teachers and students (and I’m still looking for more). More importantly, a number of bloggers have contributed posts to Transitions (in adition to the posts I have written for it). So I would like to say a big Thank You to all who have contributed to Transitions:
Thank You Darksyde
Thank You John Wilkins
Thank You Nuthatch
Thank You David Winter
Thank You RPM
and last, but by no means least (since he has contributed a large number of posts) Thank You Aydin Orstan
Hopefully, the coming year will be just as good for Transitions as last year was…In the meantime I am always on the look out for a good post about evolution for Transitions – just keep in mind the target audience.
Speaking of science education…
Before I get to the good stuff I would like to beg for donations to help science education in America. So far, readers of afarensis have been genorous. You have donated $683 to the cause and I thiank you for that. However, more remains to be done. We have been stuck on $683 for a couple of days. It would be nice if get could get to $700 within the next few hours and maybe $800 by the end of the weekend. Just a couple of donations of $10 each would get us over $700…

A New Post at Transitions

My good blog buddy (and frequent provider of journal articles) Aydin, over at Snail’s Tales has written an insightful post on Learn the controversy: sympatric versus allopatric speciation for Transitions: The Evolution of Life. Check it out and be sure to visit Snail’s Tales and thank Aydin…

Transitions:Site of the Week

It has been awhile since I have picked a site of the week for Transitions (laziness, not lack of candidates). So, after a little thinking, I have finally gotten around to picking another one. You can find out about it here. You can also find out what T-Rex would taste like…

New Post at Transitions

For those of you who are unaware, Transitions:The Evolution of Life is a blog I created aimed at Jr. High and High School students. Its aim is to provide reliable information about evolution and the fossil record. It is, more or less a group effort (you will have to visit to see what other blogs are involved), although I have received several submissions from other prominent science bloggers (Darksyde and John Wilkins spring to mind). I have been somewhat negelctfull of it since coming to ScienceBlogs, however, I have just put up a post on Tiktaalik roseae and the Origins of Tetrapods. I would also like to mention that I am always on the lookout for people to crosspost their articles on evolution (especially if they have either a] lots of fossil pics or b]illustrate an interesting method for learning about the past). Creationist and Intelligent Design proponents need not apply…

New Post At Transitions

I have, finally, gotten around to writing a new post over at Transitions. Readers unfamiliar with Transitions can go here for more details. The post conserns a relatively simple exercise in cladistics and carnivorous dinosaurs. It can be found here.


I will be picking a new Site of the Week for Transitions soon. Be sure to check out my new blog at ScienceBlogs

Transitions Site of the Week

I have selected a new Site of the Week for Transitions. If you love fossils you will like this site, check it out! Really, you will love all the fossil pics!

In the meantime, I am working on cross posting the next two posts in Evolgen’s series on detecting natural selection, but am having formatting issues with the Punnet squares. As soon as I get that fixed I’ll post links.

Transitions News

The next post in Evolgen’s series on Detecting Natural Selection has been crossposted on Transitions: The Genetics Page. The series gets more fascinating with each post, and would dare I say, make a great book (just a hint)! Check it out!

In the meantime, I am in the process of selecting a new site of the week but the competition is tough!

Transitions: The Genetics Page

Two more parts of Evolgen’s series on “Detecting Natural Selection” are up at Transitions: The Genetics Page. Check them out and don’t forget to visit Evolgen

Transitions News

RPM at Evolgen has allowed me to cross post his series on “Detecting Natural Selection”. I have decided to create a new page for genetics at Transitions. The first two parts of RPM’s series can be found here.

I have also selected the next Site of the Week Check both out. Be sure to visit Evolgen while you are at it.