Dangerous Ltd and the Discovery Channel Quote-mine a Paleontologist

Normally quote-mining is a behavior one associates with the creationist movement. So it is shocking when the Discovery channel and Dangerous Ltd (makers of Clash of Dinosaurs) engages in the same behavior. The main culprit here is Dangerous Ltd which made the show…

Gaah! This is Horrible Reporting

ABC News is pandering to creationists in this really bad article on
Ardipithecus ramidus. Basically it boils down to, and I kid you not this is a direct quote:
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Carl Sagan And Stephen Hawking Music Video

Lately I have tended to ignore posts on the latest “hot thing” generating buzz. However, this one is too good to pass up.

I’m not really given to hero worship, but I make an exception for Sagan and as I have mentioned before, I really miss him and his elegant, insightful defense of science. A lot of scientists talk about the mystery and wonder of the universe, and of the joy in discovering how it works. Few are capable of actually making you feel that joy and inspiring you to want to learn more. Sagan is one of the later.

(Hat Tip to A Hot Cup of Joe)

An Open Letter to National Geographic

Dear National Geographic,
I enjoy your site immensely and frequently link to the stories I find interesting. Consequently, it is with a certain amount of sadness that I have to tell you that there is no such thing as the missing link. Seriously, it is a major error to use terminology derived from the great chain of being to describe contemporary evolutionary ideas – in this case paleoanthropological finds. With all do respect, what kind of way to start an article is this:
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Reverse Evolution in Sticklebacks?

A number of people have emailed me a link to this story about “reverse evolution” in sticklebacks residing in Lake Washington. The basic story is that as Lake Washington was cleaned of its pollution sticklebacks went from being low plated to being completely plated. Partially, this was a response to heavier predation caused by increased clarity of the water.

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Interesting Anthropology News and Other Stuff

The other day when I said blogging would be light I had the best of intentions, but like when Bill Dembski shouts”Waterloo” reality has conspired against me. The intertubewebnet thingy has thrown some interesting stories up into the cybersphere.

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Bone Detectives

Kambiz mentions a new archaeology show on the Discovery Channel. The show is called The Bone Detectives and is scheduled to start airing on January 14th. The Discovery Channel has been airing “sneak peaks” and the episode I caught concerns Tihuanaco.

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