Interesting Science Pictures: Part IX

Mojoceratops perifania

Source: Mojoceratops: New Dinosaur Species Named for Flamboyant Frill.

From Science Daily:

The dinosaur is one of more than a dozen species belonging to the chasmosaurine ceratopsid family, which are defined by elaborate frills on their skulls. A plant eater about the size of a hippopotamus, Mojoceratops appeared about 75 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous — 10 million years earlier than its well-known cousin, the Triceratops. The species, which is related to another dinosaur in Texas, is found only in Canada’s Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces and was short-lived, having survived for only about one million years.

The find is described in the Journal of Paleontology

So Does This Mean Australopithecines Walked On Their Hands?

Those paleontologists are always one methodological and theoretical step ahead of paleoanthropologists. Consider this new discovery about dinosaurs:

“Basically they scooted around by grabbing nearby vines with their mouths and pulling their bodies. Almost like a snake. What we used to think were legs were actually big flippers that flapped about in the air, driving them forward. Incredible.” Kirch told reporters that when you think about it, paleontology makes a lot more sense now.

Need Help On An Archaeopteryx Photo And Begging For An Article

Some years ago Darksyd published a picture of Archaeopteryx on my blog Transitions. I’m not sure where the picture came from but I need a high resolution copy – or any picture that refutes Hoyle’s contention that the feathers are fraudulent. Seems there is a commenter at Talk Rational propagating Hoyle’s false claims and Monad needs a good picture to refute them.

On a related note, can someone send me a copy of the following article?

Archaeopteryx Is Not a Forgery
Charig et al
Science 2 May 1986:
Vol. 232. no. 4750, pp. 622 – 626
DOI: 10.1126/science.232.4750.622

Thanks in advance! Takes Wing is up and running. Check it out for all things pterosaur…

Damn! Fox News Is Stupid!

Via Highly Allochthonous comes this horrible story from Fox News. The story is supposed to be about lung cancer in China caused by people burning coal that formed 250 million years ago. The story veers strait into stupidity in the first paragraph: stupidity below the fold

Proceratosaurus bradleyi A Middle Jurrasic Member Of The Tyrannosauridae

Proceratosaurus bradleyi is a middle Jurassic member of the tyrannosaur family. The skull was originally discovered about 100 years ago and was only recognized as an early tyrannosaur recently. According to Science Daily, which reports on a paper in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. Continue reading

Dinosaurs and Destruction

Hawks has already linked to this Onion piece but I can’t resist because it is pretty silly. Hawks left out the funniest bit, but I won’t:

To many paleontologists, such as Richard Hollander of the University of Michigan, exploring the various ways dinosaurs might have been slaughtered with today’s military technology is a vital area of study.
“It’s part of human nature to wonder what it would be like to crash a fully fueled F-14 Tomcat into a 60-foot-long, razor-toothed spinosaurus and then eject just before impact to see the chunks of smoking flesh flying in all directions as one gently parachutes to the ground,” Hollander said. “And it is a tremendous loss for science that we’ll never be able to take one of the smaller ones, like maybe the epidexipteryx, and smash it into mush with a shovel.”
“Or a golf club,” added Hollander, shaking his head. “Or a

It’s the chainsaw bit at the end that had me laughing hysterically (which, incidentally alarmed – actually it terrified – my coworkers).

Update One: The links have been fixed.