Not A Genuine Likeness Of Shakespeare After All…

Awhile back I wrote a post about a picture that was claimed to be one of the few paintings of Shakespeare painted while he was still alive.

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Funny, He Doesn’t Look Like Francis Bacon!

A painting has come to light that may very well be the only real painting made of Shakespeare while he was alive. The story can be found here

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National Poetry Month: Edgar Allan Poe

One of Poe’s more interesting efforts…

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National Poetry Month: I’m Wrestling With an Octopus

Since April is National Poetry Month here is another for you:

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Robert Herrick: The Vine

Since it is, apparently, National Poetry Month, here is a poem for your enjoyment.

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One Last Poem in Honor of National Poetry Month

One last poetry entry. This is one I wrote myself. I was not going to post anything I wrote but Mrs. afarensis threatened to do horrible things if I didn’t. This is actually an older one and is stylistically much different from recent attempts…I should mention that it is about Bach…

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More Poetry: Celebrating National Poetry Month

Since Stochastic is making a big deal of it and all, here is another. This time from Percy Bysshe Shelley, rather than Poe (didn’t want to depress anyone)…

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