Do Chimpanzees Mourn For Their Dead?

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That seems to be the way the press is portraying the video below. The video was released in conjunction with an article published in the American Journal of Primatology (the article can also be found here) Continue reading

Cave of Forgotten Dreams: A Film By Werner Herzog

Apparently Werner Herzog has made a 3-D movie about Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc. A trailer for the film is below the fold. Continue reading

Illinois Archaeology Video

This video from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency is pretty cool! Here is the description:

This short, narrated video shows the discovery and investigation of a one-thousand-year-old Native American village in what is now East St. Louis, Illinois. The video graphically demonstrates why archaeological investigations are performed and what we can learn from these investigations into America’s past.

78th Street Archeological Site, Native American occupations located at the foundation of the Katie Harper Wright Elementary School features an Illinois archaeology project at the construction site of a new elementary school in East St. Louis. The video explains the importance of archeology in easy to understand language that is accessible to school children and adults alike. 3-D interpretive renderings help visualize Native American life up to 1,000 years ago.

The 78th Street archaeology site includes Mississippian (1000 – 1150 A.D) and Oneota (1300 – 1400 A.D.) occupations, with the Oneota artifacts and evidence representing one of the largest such sites discovered to date in this archaeological rich area of the country. The site was first identified in 1989 during a required State of Illinois review process as part of a planned residential development.

The archaeological investigation was conducted by Prairie Archaeology & Research, Ltd. of Springfield, Illinois in 2005, the firm that also produced the video.