Stupid Creationist Quote of the Week: Ben Carson on Evolution

This quote is rather shocking. It comes from Ben Carson and, as you can see from the wiki page, Carson is a top notch neurosurgeon. You would think that that would make him do a little research before talking about evolution in general and human evolution in particular. However:

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A Response to Joseph Kuhn’s Dissecting Darwinism

I was alerted to creationist article published in the Proceedings of the Baylor University Medical Center via Why Evolution Is True. The author of the paper is Joseph Kuhn, MD who claims that “…surgeons are uniquely capable of gathering information, making observations, and reaching conclusions about scientific discoveries.” For the most part it is your standard ID mumbo jumbo and has been ably dissected elsewhere. One part, however, caught my eye:

The transitional species from primitive primates to man have been illustrated in textbooks for over 100 years. These drawings form the visual imagery that supports Darwinian evolution for high school students, university students, medical students, and the public. However, honest dissent exists in the accuracy of most of the transitional prehominoids, with many found to be frauds or animal species. Reconstructions based on fragmentary and scattered bones, surface bones, and gross morphologic features are limited. Anomalous findings of stone tools, bones, and hundreds of other artifacts have suggested that Homo sapiens were actually present 2 to 7 million years ago (at the same time as early proposed transitional species)…(reference omitted – afarensis) Certainly, there has been no additional transitional mutant or species change from the first generally accepted Homo sapiens over 200,000 years ago.

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Stupid Creationist Quote of the Week

Today we have comments by two commenters at UD.

First up is a commenter named Barb. Barb left a rather lengthy comment talking about Lucy. The part that earned her a “stupid creationist quote” award is this:

The paucity of fossil evidence makes knowing all of human evolutionary history impossible. The best evidence for Lucy came, not from bones or teeth, but from footprints. Continue reading

Stupid Creationist Quote Of The Day

This one comes to us courtesy of Casey Luskin at Evolution News and Views. In a post discussing the NCSE’s views on the supernatural Casey says:

Eugenie Scott better reign in her staff members or the NCSE will not only lose its religion-friendly image–it may land some school districts or state boards of education in court if their advice is followed. [emphasis mine – afarensis]

Because, of course, that has never, ever, happened with people following the advice of the Discovery Institute.
(Hat tip to AtBC)
* Luskin has fixed his spelling error, which is fine with me as that was not the point. His post still contains the hysterically funny “you will get suuuuuueeed if you listen to the NCSE” language.

OMG! Stupid Creationist Argument of the Day!

This takes the cake. There is a war between believers and unbelievers because well, read:

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Stupid Creationist Quote of the Day

Today’s winning quote comes from William Dembski’s review of Darwin’s Gift To Science And Religion – the Francis Ayala book. Referring to Ayala, Dembski says (Warning: Please turn your irony meters down, or off):

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Stupid Creationist Quote of the Day

Over at Red State Rable I found a link to this newsletter which contains a priceless quote:

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Stupid Creationist Comment of the Day

The fact of the matter is evolution does not violate the second law, but humanism does. No word on what exactly the maker of this quote thinks humanism is.
There is a lot more, including a discussion of fossils which I may fisk later. The amusing thing is the author is suposed to be fisking Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution yet ends up repeating the misconceptions:

(A) #9 is based on fragments to a skeleton found miles apart and at greatly varying depths and then placed together as if from the same individual. The fragments are also small with most of the skeleton missing.


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