Roy Halladay Jersey For Sale

This is a case of “Let the buyer beware.” I am an avid baseball fan, and living in St. Louis, my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. On of my favorite players – well ex-player now, is Jim Edmonds who played centerfield for the Cardinals from 2000 to 2008. Solast December my youngest daughter and her boyfriend wanted to get me a Jim Edmonds jersey for Christmas. I didn’t want them to shell out the $100.00 or so dollars from the team store so I hopped on line and found this. $30.00 sounded like a good deal and the fact that the shipping and handling was $20.00 didn’t set off any warning bells (it should have though), because what I actually received was a Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay jersey. So, I got it touch with the seller and after exchanging 5-6 emails the upshot was that I would need to pay more money to get the item I ordered – with no guarantee that I would actually get the item I ordered. I have no interest in throwing good money after bad and contented myself with reporting the company to the BBB and the Attorney General for the State of Missouri (not that I think either of those actions will do any good).

If anybody is interested in buying the jersey let me know, it is $50.00 – although that is somewhat negotiable.

Edit to add: I forgot to include pictures:

Size is 2x

When The Cat Is Away…

I haven’t been able to do much blogging because Mrs. afarensis has been doing work from home in the evenings (which ended Friday – she will be returning to her office Monday allowing me to actually write some posts). While this was occurring Dr. Ben Carson popped up in the news for criticizing President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. Which caused a flurry of searches for info about Carson and resulted in a lot of hits for the post I wrote on his views on evolution. Which leads me to ask two things. First, What is it about neurosurgeons and pseudoscientific bullshit? Second, what is it about neurosurgeons that cause them to let their inner right wing nutjob loose on the rest of the world? Actually, I have a third, what is it about a middle of the road politician like Obama that sends right wing nutjobs into absolute paroxysms of insanity (don’t answer, I know the answer to this one)?

Carol For Another Christmas

Carol for Another Christmas was written by Rod Serling and was part of a series of Xerox specials promoting the United Nations. It has ran several times on TCM recently and if it comes on again I highly recommend you see it. The movie is based on Dicken’s A Christmas Carol) and features a number of interesting performances (Steve Lawrence was brilliant as the Ghost of Christmas Past). In the clip below* Peter Sellers gives a phenomenal perfomance as the “Imperial Me.” When watching this part of the movie I couldn’t help thinking about the current state of the Republican party.

My apologies, apparently I am unable to embed clips for some strange reason. Follow the link below.

Imperial Me
You can find other excerpts here.

Happy Holidays!

Let The War on Christmas Begin

Let The War on Christmas Begin

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From Drought To Rainy

We had a very dry summer. But of late it has been quite rainy.
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Republican War On Workers Comes To Missouri

I have been meaning to write about this for some time now. A bill in the Missouri Senate would make it easier for employers to fire employees and make it harder for those employees to collect unemployment. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The bill by Republican Sen. Will Kraus, of Lee’s Summit, would include accidental violations — unless the employee could prove ignorance of the rule’s existence.

The legislation would also broaden the definition of “misconduct” to include violations of an employer’s rules outside the workplace and on an employee’s own time.

You can read the bill here

How to Occupy Wall Street From Home

Interesting idea…
Occupy Wall Street from home. This seems to be interesting as well – except there seems to be some issue with the video… which was working earlier today…Try here

Good God, Really?

Woordpress has, apparently become the blogging choice of idiots. I say this because after hitting publish on the last post what popped up?
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So I Guess I Should Start Writing Some Stuff, Eh

So I’m looking at my site stats, not expecting much because I haven’t been writing much and I discovered that one of the sites referring to mine is is this one – it goes to the Harvard College Library. I guess I ought to do something to earn that – like writing posts on a more regular basis?

Your Missouri Republican Party at Work

Although I am supposed to be taking a break I could pass over this without comment. Apparently, a bill has been introduced in the Missouri Senate that basically trashes child labor laws. Totally appalling! I have to wonder what this state is coming to when no one cares about protecting children…Hopefully our governor will veto the bill – if it passes.

Doing My Civic Duty

Despite struggling with a cold that I can’t seem to shake, I drug myself out of bed yesterday at 4:00 AM. I was going to be serving as an assistant supervisor at one of the polling places and needed to be at the polls at 5:00. The polls opened at 6:00 and from then till 7:00 PM I was busy explaining how to use the various voting machines to the voters (since I was working the election I got to vote an absentee ballot). Sometime around 9:00 someone bumped the heat up and it took several hours for us to track down the custodian and have him turn down the heat. The result of which is that I got pretty dehydrated – which didn’t help my cold. Overall it was a very interesting experience – one I highly recommend. If you are interested contact your local board of elections, I am sure they will be grateful for the help.