How to Occupy Wall Street From Home

Interesting idea…
Occupy Wall Street from home. This seems to be interesting as well – except there seems to be some issue with the video… which was working earlier today…Try here

And I Thought Bush Pandered to Corporate America

Thanks BP!

Obama’s role:

I must say, the democrats suck just as much as the republicans. Strange to think of all the outrage back in 2000 when Nader said the two groups were basically the same and now the democrats are pretty much proving him correct. The difference is one of name only (and who is in power at the given moment).

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Political Pictures - The US Constitution

Or by Republicans…

Thanks BP: Part II


Multiple cameras on JPL’s MISR instrument on NASA’s Terra spacecraft were used to create two unique views of oil moving into Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.

In the right hand photo the oil is the black splotches at the bottom. On the left it is the bright, shiny area on the bottom center of the photo.




A NASA satellite image recorded May 24 showing areas of oil approaching the Mississippi River delta, shown in false color to improve contrast


Private Healthcare Spending Accounts Being Ripped Off!

NPR has an interesting story on private healthcare spending accounts. Seems money is missing from thousands of accounts:

Thousands of people are learning that money they squirreled away in health savings accounts is gone. Many thought the money was sitting safely in banks. But now it appears it was stolen.

Federal investigators have released few details, but all the cases have one thing in common: a Chicago company called Canopy Financial.

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Another Accidental Taser Death

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the individual was hiding in a crawlspace and refused to come out. He was bitten by a police dog then tasered and later died at a hospital. The medical examiner says weak heart muscles/irregular heart beat and toxic levels of methamphetamine contributed to the death, which absolutely, positively had nothing to do with being tasered. Tasers need to be banned.

Levee Expert Let Go By LSU

I’m surprised that this story isn’t attracting more attention. Ivor van Heerden the levee expert who studied the levee collapse in New Orleans has been let go by LSU. van Heerden was only an associate professor so he did not have tenure. According to PhysOrg.Com he is suing LSU.

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Pandering To The Wicked: ACORN And The Law Of Unintended Consquences

So, Congress has passed a law against ACORN. Apparently, they can no longer get federal funding. Republicans are jubilant and elated in such. Then some smart ass read the bill. Continue reading

Revisionism at The Texas Board of Education Hearings on Social Studies Curriculum

Did you know that Republicans are responsible for the civil rights legislation of the 1960’s?

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The Height of Teabagger Stupidity? Probably Not…

But it has to be damn close. From the Wall Street Journal:
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