Censoring Science and Nobody Cares

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Shame on the National Park Service: Will Blair Mountain Be Strip-Mined?

The National Park Service has made a horrible decision on Blair Mountain. The mountain was the scene of a battle between coal miners, coal companies and the government. The L. A. Times describes the National Park Service’s horrible decision on Blair Mountain:
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Bob O’Hara You Are An Evil, Evil Man

Okay, I have to confess. This made me laugh harder than I have in a couple of weeks.

My first post will be about a remarkable paper (still embargoed) that describes context-dependent dispersal strategies in maritime rodents.

I’m still laughing…

P. S. Bob, how is the veal? Should we tickle tip the waitress? Will you be here all week?

Hawks, Paleoanthropology, and Cranks

In an otherwise interesting article on Homo floresiensis Hawks mentions the following:

Gretchen asks if I’m turning into a crank.

Hawks, pictured below, responds:

Wow, it really must be the heat getting to me! I have to keep reminding myself that press interviews frequently misrepresent the nuances of what scientists actually say and think. And yet, this stuff is widely read and believed even among our colleagues! Anyway, I’ve toned down some of the crankiness.

Hawks, paleoanthropological curmudgeon

Although I am in the “pro” camp I do agree with Hawks on this issue. These articles are widely read and it would behoove the writers to get the details right. Of, course it would also behoove neuroscientists to get the details right as well…

And I Thought Bush Pandered to Corporate America

Thanks BP!

Obama’s role:

I must say, the democrats suck just as much as the republicans. Strange to think of all the outrage back in 2000 when Nader said the two groups were basically the same and now the democrats are pretty much proving him correct. The difference is one of name only (and who is in power at the given moment).

I Weep For Missouri

The race for a congressional seat in Missouri just took another giant step in to the land of the insane. Republican candidate Ed Martin, who is challanging Russ Carnahan says the following audi o here on a local radio show: Continue reading

A Nefarious, Evil LOLcat Plot Exposed

My suspicions were aroused when known LOLcat purveyor (and suspected LOLcat spy) carlsonjok left this comment on my blog. Later on I discovered this blood curdling story on Science Daily:

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Teh Rawk Returns!

Remembr dis and dis? Well, teh Rawk saga continuez! In dis episode basement kittehs ebil minions suffr defeat an has 2 giv teh Rawk back to Kentucky! Continue reading

Holding My Breath Until I Get More Four Stone Hearth Submissions


The Four Stone Hearth is tomorrow. Please don’t make me go without oxygen that long…

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Political Pictures - The US Constitution

Or by Republicans…